A Historical Novel
By Joyce Furrow Thompson

Journal Star By Marina Harris Sunday
Pekin Times By Linda Hughes Wednesday

"Once I started reading it, I had to force myself to put it down. The cover is so appealing."

"Received your book and read the first seven chapters last night. I love it!"

"It must have been quite a labor of love to put together. Anna sounds like an interesting woman. She certainly experienced many changes in the world during her long life span. Thank you for sharing your family with us."

"I'm writing to order another copy of your great book, The End of August. I've read halfway through my copy in the first reading and want one for my daughter and her husband. You've written a heartwarming book."

"Just finished reading your delightful book. Thanks so much for providing me such pleasure. You did a wonderful job."

"Loved your book; it was hard to put down. I'm so glad to have received an autographed copy. I'm a fan of nostalgia and your book brought back the kid in me. The cornfields, the railroads, the little church cemeteries, things and places you brought out in your book made it seem so real to me. Your book will have a place of honor in my library as I am an avid reader."

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book. I'll share it with all my friends."

"Your book is great! Don't let it be your last."

"I love your book. Wonderful memories. I can relate to the threshers and so many other of the events you describe. I am so glad that you wrote it. I took your book to our family reunion and it was a big hit. Thanks for writing this. What an act of perseverance."

"I now wish I had listened to the stories my older relatives told me as a child.
Thanks for sharing."

"I so enjoyed reading your book, very impressed. Excellent writing. I'm proud of your tenacity and stick-to-it-ive-ness to completion of such an interesting subject. Please hurry and write your next novel."

"Thank you for personally autographing your book for my mother. Your book has brought long forgotten pictures back to our minds."

"It brought back many memories. It mirrored my parents and grandparent's lives in so many ways. I need 7 more books for relatives. It should be in all school systems too!"

"Thank you for writing about this special heritage."

"My daughters read my copy of your book. Then each ordered one for themselves.
Nice keepsake."

"Gave your book to my mother for her 98th birthday. Mother read the book very quickly and enjoyed it very much. It's now traveling round to several cousins and aunts. We have all those stories about Lindbergh flying over the farms and were glad to read about them. I guess those really were the good old days."

"This is one I will cherish and share with my children. The book took me back to my early days that I thought that I had forgotten. All the names that I am so familiar with. Thanks again Joyce for a great book that brought back memories."

"This is a Christmas gift for my mother. My dad is a retired farmer, and so Mom "married into" the farm life. I know she'll really enjoy the book."

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